Vision & Mission

To educate and empower underprivileged children and support them till they are gainfully employed.

We have several levels of intervention to meet the WHO(World Health Organization) model. What follows is a summary of the same.

Step 1 : Education

Providing all the educational needs of our children. Once we accept a child in our Trust, their fees, books, stationery items, school bags, school uniforms including shoes and socks are borne by us. Children can study whatever field they want and we support them till they are gainfully employed.

Step 2 : Health care 

Informing the children about hygiene and giving them practical tips on keeping their environment disease free ensure Physical Wellness. We give the mothers a home – made porridge mix that has all the vital nutrients and vitamins that growing children need.

Step 3 : Counselings 

We have regular children’s meetings where all the children discuss issues that are of concern to them. All disciplinary issues are handled in children’s parliaments. The children decide on their own punishments for their mistakes, misdemeanours, and bad behaviour.

• To do our best so that the current generation of underprivileged children living below the poverty line integrates seamlessly within mainstream society.

• To impart quality education, and all round development, including skill building, in order to provide avenues for employment that are suited to every child’s dominant intelligence and strengths.

Eradication of socio-economic imbalances in the society, by providing services, financial assistance and such other need-based supports for the benefit of the poor and needy, without Caste, Creed or Linguistic considerations.